September 5, 2009

Bucket List

As you know, the basic premise of creating a Bucket List is to make a list of things you would like to do before you ”kick the bucket”.   Sometimes it is just something you have always wanted to do and have decided that now is the time.  We hope to share your experiences in short stories with photos. 

Cattle Drive
by Gary Junco

Our first submission is Gary Junco’s – (#65 on your program) adventure on an honest-to-goodness cattle drive.  No city slicker, Gary was a full participant in the cowboy way of life.

“The roundup was on the Terra Rosa Ranch in the Texas panhandle.  The ranch was a total of 103,040 acres (161 sections).   We departed camp each morning at 5:30 AM – ride anywhere from 5 – 10 miles and round up free ranging cattle.

Our goal was to separate the calves from the herd (cuttin’) and then lasso the, brand, dehorn, vaccinate, tag and cut the bull calves.  My job was as a Flanker (take the calves to the ground and pin it while the others do their job).  After we had a few under our belt, we could actually complete the task in a couple of minutes.  Everyone has a specific job and they are coordinated simultaneously.

My first horse was a Pinto named Panda Bear for the first couple of days, then switched to a horse with a better gait, named Sugar Bear.


Home Sweet Home for the week was a tent and we cooked over an open fire using Dutch ovens  for making biscuits, cobblers and pots to boil other items.  Meat was grilled over an open flame. 

Every Cattle Drive must have a “Curly Washburn” and ours was no exception.  His true name shall remain anonymous to protect my innocence.

The somewhat stunned looking calf had just had the “full treatment” and was my “Norman” 

Great fun – my only regret is that I didn’t do it 25 years ago – there is a lot to say for strength and youth.