What a Party!  WCHS Class of 1967 holds reunion

WCHS Class of 1967 reunion attendees

     The WCHS Class of 1967 is speeding toward 60 years old, but they still know how to have a good time.  The baby boomers celebrated their 40th year reunion in Winchester on July 7, but were not satisfied with only one commemoration.

     On Friday night, they were hosted by their class president, Terry Hunsucker, at his home on Franklin Street.  After a mayoral greeting by classmate, Steve Croyle, they were treated to a fully catered event in a beautiful setting.

     On Saturday afternoon, several foursomes of alumni could be found at the Winchester Golf Course.  Others were guests of Greg Hahn at the Copper Creek Cattle Company on North Jackson Street devouring Maid-Rites from Greenville, a huge draw for out-of-towners.

     By Saturday evening a few were getting weary, but it did not keep 130 from attending an evening of fun at the Moose Lodge in Winchester.  A special tribute to the twenty classmates who are no longer with us was solemnly expressed through a helium balloon launch.  Dinner, conversation, and dancing to the Water Street band featuring classmate, Larry Gard, kept everyone amused until long after old folks should be in bed.

     That was still not enough, though.  On Sunday morning, a farewell brunch was provided at the Hunsucker residence.  Final hugs and laughter were shared with plans being promised for the next reunion - before they get too old!

     WCHS '67 grads attending the reunion included:  Aggie (Applegate) Hudson, Duane Barr, Randy Beck, Rick Crist, Steve Croyle, Catherine (Fields) Chambers, Ireva Fields, Gail (Goforth) Croyle, Judi (Goforth) Addington, Jennie (Harden) McCoy, Dave Hendrickson, Steve Howell, Fred Lawson, Linda (Moore) Champ, Lee Morford, Nancy (Norris) McFarland, Debbie (Shoemaker) Hollingsworth, Kellie Stephen, Joyce (Terrell) Rutledge, Victor Suarez, Tammy (Wagner) Burton, Jerry Williams, Jerry Bousman, Carolyn (Fields) Martin, Kay (Hedrick) Atkinson, Ted Martin, Kathy (Blackburn) Harrison, Charlie Haviza, Kathy (Stumpff) Davis, Terry Cass, Sharon (Keener) Locke, Sharen (Cassady) Thornburg, Judy (Copeland) Young, Dennis Dwiggins, Deb (Durbin) Mangas, Claudia (Fraze) Eley, Terri (Hawley) Peebles, Terri (Hoerst) Holmes, Richard Lear, Greg Hahn, Barbara Heeb, Mike Hinshaw, Carla (Lintner) Crandall, Paul Nelson, Thelma (Retz) Sinak, Chuck Thomason, Dan Thornburg, Delores (Toschlog) McKinney, Diane (Ullom) Copeland, Karen (Cassady) Pennington, Craig Cochran, Bill Daly, Kathy (Hawley) Daly, Doug Davis, J.D. Enghaus, Tom Fraze, Larry Gard, Vern Gilpin, Gary Junco, Phil Halley, Jerry Hilgenberg, Jill (Hinty) Keener, Jay Hoover, Terry Hunsucker, Bill Irish, Jana (Jackson) Warren, Tom James, Betty (Moland) McCord, Susie (Overmyer) Webb, Bob Webb and Margie (Wyatt) Clouse.

Contributed by Margie Clouse and appearing in The News-Gazette, Friday, July 20, 2007 (content edited by webmaster)