October 24, 2010


The Class of 1967 still rocks!!!!

Jay Hoover rescued the trophy won by the football team for its undefeated season.  It was found in a closet and destined for the dumpster, but was rescued and brought out in the sunshine to once again pay homage to the glorious football team whose valiant efforts brought honor and prestige to WCHS.  Held proudly on the float by our 1967 Homecoming Queen, Margie Clouse, who so graciously waived to adoring fans along the parade route while wearing her queenly attire.  The trophy is now a "traveling trophy" and
is currently spending some well earned rest in Cinninnati, Ohio with Jay's daughter.

From walking beside, and riding on, the float in the Homecoming Parade...

...to wine tasting at Wilson Winery...

...to the History Walk...

...to the fabulous dinner and after dinner dance!

Another epic Class of 1967 party enters the pages of our book of memories.


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