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October 18, 2008


Do you remember this building in Winchester?
Do know where it is located?

Let's play....
Winnie Trivia!!!!

Game Rules:

Answers to the trivia questions can come from anywhere, EXCEPT the webmaster or Jill!

Submit your answers to the webmaster for a chance to win dinner for two at the beautiful Cove, maybe not....but the winner can claim bragging rights!  In case of a tie, a sudden death question shall be submitted to each winning contestant, and the first contestant providing the correct answer shall be declared the winner.

  1. Look carefully at the above photograph.  Name the year in which that photo was taken?  This building is known as the Canada Building, and is located at 120 South Meridian Street, next to Bob Oliver's law office.  The photo was taken in 1968.  Robert L. Rock was Lt. Governor of Indiana at the time and lost his bid for Governor.
  2. In what year was Winchester founded?  Although differing opinions can be found, most agree Winchester was founded in 1818.
  3. What was the mascot for the old Winchester High School?  Yellow Jacket.
  4. When was the Soldiers and Sailors Monument erected in Winchester, IN?  1892.
  5. In what year was the Courthouse clock tower removed?  1954.  A very sad moment in Winchester history.
  6. In 1947, what event was created in Winchester to raise money for rheumatic fever research?  The Pumpkin Festival.
  7. What yearly Winchester event grew from the answer to question 6?  Mardi Gras.
  8. Who is the current Mayor of Winchester?  Steve Croyle.
  9. In what year was the old Lee L. Driver High School demolished?  1973.
  10. At one time, there were two 5 and 10 stores in Winchester.  Can you name them?  Graft's and G. C. Murphy's.
  11. Morrisey's Shoe Store was located on the east side of the courthouse square.  The specific type of children's shoes sold there were called Buster Brown.  Where did Buster Brown live?  In a shoe.
  12. Buster Brown did not live alone.  Who lived with him?  His dog, Tige.
  13. Best's Grocery was located on the north side of the courthouse square.  Name at least one item a child would find interesting in this store.  Bulk chocolate candy - fish - turtles.  There may be more, but frankly, I never got past those 3 items!!!
  14. Name at least two of the four drug stores downtown which had a soda fountain.  Homer Waltz' - Leonard's - Reed's - Wally Haines'.
  15. What was Green River?  Lime fountain drink.
  16. What was the name of the store, located on the east side of the square, in which we all purchased our 45s and 33 1/3s?  (No extra credit, but can you name the first record you ever purchased?)  Engles.
  17. How much was a gallon of gas in 1967?  $0.33.
  18. Name all of the elementary schools that existed during our school years within the city limits?  Central - Morton - Willard - Baker.
  19. What was the name of the restaurant located on Washington Street owned by the family of a class member who would later become an internationally known coin dealer?  Rainbow Restaurant.
  20. What are the words to the Driver High School Fight Song?  Sing a song, loud and long, DHS.  Go, go, go, go, go, go, she's a winner.  She's known from the East to the West.  She will fight to victory.  Let's high schools remember her name.  As an omen of fear and disaster.  She's know for her worth and her fame.  That she will beat them, she'll defeat them, Driver High School.  Fight!

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