November 22, 2008


The Fearsome Foursome - New Scoreboard in Back of Them






 Go Long!!!!
(The Continuing Adventures Of Eurby And Fred)

By Fred A. Lawson    

It was June of 1964, the day my sister graduated from High School. I left the house that morning with orders that my presence was required that evening for my sister's graduation.

OK, Mom”, I said, and off I went to enjoy the day; so I ran through town and within five minutes was at the Girton Building, the home of Eurby T. Grubbs.

Eurby grabbed a football, and a hand-full of change and we were off to see what the day had in store.  We walked and talked and tossed the football back and forth. I always brought up what I had watched on TV the previous night and Eurby always scolded me for watching too much TV.   He loved to redneck me about having the TV Guide memorized.  With only channels 2 ,7, and 13, it wasn’t that difficult!

June is a wonderful time of the year for young men because young Midwestern girls have break out the shorts and skimpy tops and Winchester, for it's population, had an abundance of beautiful women.

After about two hours of walking and ogling, and enjoying the fresh Spring air,  it was time for a “Soda Break“.  In those days there was only one place to go - The Sunray DX Gas And Service Station.  It was a great place to visit; more bull than the stockyards and a 16 oz.  Pepsi in a glass bottle for 10 cents.  Eurby and I grabbed two Pepsi's from the beat up cooler, laid down our dimes and ambled to the garage area to get our red-necking and a couple of good old arm frogs from Eurby's brother, John and the ever-popular Melvin Smoot.

The afternoon sun was getting warm and Eurby and I had decided to go for a little work out; when you hung out with Eurby there was always a workout.  We would run ‘til our legs ached and our lungs burned - and then do it again.

Eurby kept throwing me the football and that day I kept dropping it, not a good thing to do around Eurby.  He would shake his head and tell me to do it again.  He ran me through the same drill over again but to no avail.   After about three hours of this, Eurby told me he was getting tired and we should call it a day.  I kept protesting, “one more pass, Eurby” and I would drop it or overrun it or under run it.

Finally Eurby said, “I'm done, Fred.”  And I said ” One more, Eurby, just one more.”

“ No”, Eurby insisted, “I'm done!”   Well I couldn’t let it go, so finally Eurby said “OK, Fred, but this time you better catch the S.O.B.

Eurby yelled,  “GO LONG!!!!!!” And I did...

The Best Way To Check A Mellon For Ripeness Is to Thump It!

The pass Eurby threw was a beauty.   The arc of the ball was magnificent and the spiral was perfect and the length of the pass was about 30 yards.

I took off at full speed, tracking that ball like a rabbit tracking a carrot.  I tracked it over my left shoulder and I knew I had it and the ball made that sweet popping sound as I brought it in to my arms and chest.......”I Had It!!!!!!”.........” I Had It!!!!!”..... I turned my head straight ahead after the catch and ran “FULL SPEED” into a telephone pole.

Checking For Life?

The next thing I remember was laying on my back on the grass, an incredible fireworks display with real stars!  Eurby knelt over me talking in a low voice, “talk to me Fred, tell me you’re OK!”  I slowly opened my eyes and glanced around – everything was spinning and my head was pounding.

Eurby helped me to my feet. It was time to survey the damage.   My nose was twice its width, my head ached and my front teeth were loose.  I looked Eurby straight in the eyes and said, “You going to give me a catch on that one or not?”  Eurby looked at me with some surprise and said, “It's a catch Fred.”

My Sister Graduates 

Well, I made it to my sister's graduation, I sat in the balcony in total misery listening to the theme song for “Queen For A Day”......(remember that TV show?)

It was hell listening to the speeches and the roll call when each class member was called to receive their diploma....AND THEN IT HAPPENED!

Homer Who?

They called the name -  Homer Jones!  Now, I can't tell you how long Homer was in High School or how old he was.   I do know he always had a 5 o'clock shadow and a receding hairline.  But that's not important.  The important thing was when Mr. Jones handed Homer his Diploma, the entire field house erupted into a standing ovation that lasted at least a minute and maybe longer!   For that minute, I forgot how bad my head hurt.  The air was electric - HOMER HAD DONE IT!!!!!!

Well, that's my story.  Is there a moral?  You betcha! 

     Never Give Up On Any Thing

     When Eurby Says He's Tired And Wants To Go Home.....”Don't Push It.”

        PERFECT SEASON - 1966     8-0 with NO TIES                     



First Football Uniform - any guess who this might be?

Football Team's Song
submitted by Doug Davis

Earlier this year, you wrote that Grace Meek passed away.  However, I suspect few recall the contribution she made to the 1966 football team.  It came in the form of a little ditty and a few lyrics.  When we left Grace's kindergarten, she had us sing: 

Play time is over
We are going home
Goodbye, goodbye
We are going home

After each of our 8 wins in 1966, the football team would sing this to our opponents from the bus.

   This was the only day game played in the 1966 season.  Do you remember where it was played?