Memories Shared


Memories Shared

Since we began publishing this website, we have met new friends and alumni with many stories to tell.  It is our pleasure to provide an area in which to record these stories.  Whether you are a graduate of Winchester Community High School, Lee L. Driver High School and Winchester High School, or perhaps you spent several years in the City of Winchester and Randolph County, we are eager to hear from you.

We invite you to share your short stories, memories, historical information and photographs with our class and friends.

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I have many fond memories of the race track.  The earliest was as a very little girl.  My grandparents Fred and Stella Moore were the "parental figures" at the James Moorman Orphans Home for years and I spent as much time there as possible.  The only thing that separated the race track from the Orphans Home was a woods.  I thought it belonged to the Home farm, but I'm not certain of that.  The big boys built platforms in the trees on the east side of the track and climbed up into them to watch the races.  The girls and little kids [like me] were driven out there in pick up trucks and we watched from the truck backs.  I was certainly NEVER allowed to get out of the truck.

Bob Ludy and his family were life-long friends of my family.  My mother hinted that Bob was her first boyfriend!!  Well, anyway, his kids, Charles and Roberta, were my age and we were the best of friends.  Oh the stories I could tell!!  So of course I worked for Bob at the race track but mostly I just typed the newspaper reports of the races.  This did get me into the races however.  I met the first love of my life at that track.

And then there is one last little 1955 I bought the pink Chevrolet Bel Air convertible in the showroom of the local Chevy dealer just a block south of the main square on Main Street.  And, believe it or not, I drove that car around the track.

Thanks for the memories.

CITY CAB - Dave Freeman
My name is David Freeman, and although I did not graduate at Winchester (Bryant  1960) I did attend school in Randolph Co from grade 1 at Spartanburg to grade 11 at Saratoga. I grew up in & around Winchester in the 1950's. My Dad, Francis Freeman, ran the City Cab Co. for several years and was a dispatcher at the police department before his death in 1973. He also ran the Brown Street Market just a half block from the high school. He & my Mom, Mable (Mosier) Freeman both drove taxis when Roy and Fred Durban owned the cab company. I would like to share stories with your "Class of 1967" but I don't want to overstep my bounds.

CLASS OF 1959 - Deacon Ronald M. Forrest

From Sioux City, Iowa. My name is Ron Forrest and I graduated from Winchester High School on May 27, 1959. Our 50 year reunion is fast approaching and lately a flood of memories have been rekindled  about growing up in Winchester.

Sally (Simpson) Tucker forwarded me your message and I have visited your Class Web Page. I think it's very well done and I enjoyed looking at the photos....and most of all.....remembering. I wish I had some photos to send to you. Several years ago our basement flooded and I lost every single photo I had at the time. I also lost my precious class jacket, and my letter jacket, plus my four annuals. All that is left is my class ring. So....your web page has filled a void in my past.

Thanks for sharing.

My memories of the Winchester High School - Glen Coffman

This is only name I remember calling it before Driver came along. The principleís (Dale Braun) office was center/front on second floor of the building. Little Sally Smith was his secretary. I think she actually ran the place as she could answer any question you had. I only remember Mr. Braun and the wide wooden paddle. Next to his office was Mr. Rogers English class and beside that room was the Superintendentís Office. Then the big stairway leading up or down, depended upon what floor you were on at the time.  On the right side of the steps was the science room.

The wide front sidewalk made a perfect ski slope in the winter and we could slide on our shoes from the steps of the building to the steps that lead to the sidewalk across the front on South street. I was sliding one time and another boy stuck his foot out and I went sprawling down onto my face knocking out two front teeth. I still wear the original partial to this day reminding me of that day.  I was 15 then.

Mr. Lee was one of the two janitors. His job was to ring the big bell at the top of the tower by pulling on a rather large rope from the basement to announce that you had ten minutes before you were counted late with the first ringing. Five minutes later you got the second and last ringing meant you better get a big move on. The famous 'hallway bridge' connecting the front class rooms to the ones over the field house was some how not fastened down to prevent it from moving when jumping up and down on it or just walking with an up and down heavy motion steps.

Gasoline tanker wreck - Dave Freeman

I don't remember the date, probably about 1950, when a gasoline tanker was North bound on (now old) US 27 and rounded the curve just East of the Fountain Park service station at a high rate of speed. The tanker crashed into the gas pumps at the service station and caught fire. Burning gasoline ran down the gutter and into the nearby creek and burned most of the pine trees along the cemetery fence line. The smoke could be seen for miles. I rode my bike to the scene and got as close as I could to watch the excitement. It was quite a sight for a little boy who would some day become a career firefighter.

Proud to Serve - Dave Freeman

I served with pride, as did 4 of my 5 sons.
That is me on the right. I had 5 years in the Air Force, 23 years on the fire department, and 18 yrs on the sheriff's department.  Next is Bob, he is smarter than the rest of us by staying out of uniform and a machinist for 23 years.  Next is Mike, 5 years on the fire department, 3 years on the sheriff's department and 9 years as a city police officer.  Next is Don, 23 years US Army and is now the Command Sergeant Major of the 61st Ordinance Brigade at Aberdeen, MD.  Next is Matt, 5 years US Army (combat Desert Storm) and 11 years city police officer.  Next is Pat, 5 years US Army, 2 years National Guard, and 10 years fire department.  Mat & Pat are twins.

There your have it. The FREEMAN men. All ruggedly handsome critters.  Yep, I brag on us a bit.

Webmaster's note:  I wish to thank Dave Freeman and his sons for their service to our country and their community.