May 31, 2008


As the Class of 2008 leaves WCHS and looks forward to their future, we thought it would be interesting to look back to the Senior Book for the Class of 1967.  We were funny, profound and unique, but most of all, we had hopes and dreams.  The Senior Book has been retyped (typos included).  Few "editorial" privileges were used.  The front page of my book was faded and had holes in it.  Thanks to Greg for fixing without ruining the antique look of this 41 year old masterpiece. 

We hope you enjoy this look back to your Senior year. 

  Cover Page

  Dedication      Senior Superlatives

   Senior ABC'S

Favorite Songs            

     Seniors 1st Flame    

The Future  

Senior Wills




   '67 Class History

   Final Thoughts