March 7, 2009

Will You Wear My Dog Tags?
by Dan Thornburg

Remember when you just had to have one of these.  You could not have a girlfriend without one. 

I believe I got mine in the fourth or fifth grade.  I took a long time in deciding to whom I wanted to give it too.  Finally towards the end of the fifth grade I decided to ask Sue Hendrickson if she would wear it.  To my surprise, she said yes.  I don't remember us doing anything special, but I do remember how proud I was that she was wearing it.  Summer soon followed and I got a call telling me that Sue had just accepted the same from Steve Harrell and that mine would be returned.  It was. And I was heartbroken.

I was not going to give up.  As our sixth grade year started, I began to search for someone to ask to wear it.  I asked Debbie Shoemaker and she also said yes.  I do remember arranging to meet her at the Mardi Gras on a warm Saturday afternoon.  I had a good time, except when I almost got sick riding on the Octopus.  I was so embarrassed.  Sometime after, I began to worry that Debbie would do the same to me as Sue had done.  So, I decided to breakup with her before she did with me.  I thought that gave me some sort of power.  Sorry, Debbie.

I then put it in a box.  It was never worn again.

Are there any others out there who still possess your dog tags?

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