March 6 2010

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Katy, Texas




Katy, TX, “ A Town With a Heart” is 28 miles due west of Houston. In 2009 it was named as one of nine “9 from 2009” most notable growth areas in the United States. It is also home to two of our classmates.

Vern: “When I first moved to Katy in the late 70’s there was not much outside what is called “Katy Proper, that is the area that lays within the city limits. The “Katy Area” now comprises approximately 40,000 residents with about 12,000 residing in Katy Proper. There was one high school and now we have 6 and another on the books.”

Gary: “Katy got its name from the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad (MKT – and shortened to K-T Railroad) that intersected in Katy in the 19th Century. Also once known as Cane Island for Cane Island Creek which runs just west of downtown. Cane Island is believed to derive from the fact that Katy was once a major sugar cane and rice producer."

You can still see many of the old rice dryers standing around the area along the no longer active railroad tracks that parallel I-10.

In 1895, James Oliver Thomas purchased 320 acres of land and laid out the town site and in the first post office was commissioned in 1896 when the town officially became known as Katy.

The restored depot, in service from 1894-1957 is now home to the Historical Society. Both the depot and a steam engine caboose have been restored to original.”




The city also claims to have the second largest discount mall in the US – Katy Mills Mall - just a few miles outside of town. With 200 stores, a 20 screen, state of the art movie theater it draws locals and tourists from miles away. 
The Katie Prairie in autumn provides one of the most incredible natural spectacles in North America as thousands, and then millions, of migratory birds arrive on the Prairie. It is in the Central flyway and much has been done to preserve this resource as a food source and resting place for migratory birds. It is said that sunsets go on forever and the Prairie provides some of the most spectacular. 
The area is also home to one of the United State’s largest gas fields since the early 40’s

Both Gary and Vern say you can’t talk about Katy without mentioning football, and the Tigers of Katy High school. Football is played at a very elite level. The tigers were 5A State champs in 1997, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2008.

It is typical to see attendance over 5,000 for the Friday Night Lights. Eric Heitmann, starting center for the SF 49ers is a native of Katy.
Chili Cook-offs are very much a part of TX life and Vern is very involved. He won 5th place out of 319 entries in the 2008 championship at Terlingua, TX. Qualifying takes place throughout the year with high point winners competing in the championship. 


Katy is hometown to several famous people.  Two of whom are Renee Zellwegger and Clint Black.