July 4, 2008



Happy Independence Day!

Please take a moment to remember those men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and those who are currently making sacrifices so we may celebrate this day.
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show and listen to the Battle Hymn of the Republic

Please enjoy some vacation photos submitted by your classmates.

Jerry and Deb


1.  Crossing Abbey Road, London
2.  Cape Town from Cable Mountain
3.  Deb and Nelson Mandela, Cap Town
4.  Sherlock of Baker Street


5.  Jerry at Cape Town
6.  Tasting wine and chocolate at Waterford Estate

Dan and Becky


1.  Hard Rock Cafe hat collection
2.  The Acropolis in Athens, Greece
3.  The cut through which divides Greece

Mike and Peg


I climbed Mt Washington in NH twice this past winter.  The first trip was cold but clear, so I was able to take some pics.  The second was too stormy for any photos.

1.  The first picture is of the Tuckerman ravine headwall after about 3K feet of climbing on snow and ice.
2.  The second picture is of the buildings on the top of the mountain all covered with ice.  It is truly an arctic environment.  The temp can easily hit -40 in the winter, but wind is the real problem.  I had to abandon a climb several years ago when the wind was in excess of 70 mph.  Members of the climbing team were being blown off their feet and we couldn't hear one another even when we were shouting just a foot away.  We had to make an emergency descent down the Sphinx Col in deep, loose snow.  My knees hurt for days. 


3.  Belieze 11-06   Peg and I had gone to Ambergris Cay to do some snorkeling and diving and we found this nice place to eat on the beach.
4.  Colorado 8-04  Peg and I were backpacking in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass wilderness area and this is Peg descending at about 12K feet.
5.  Grand Canyon 6-06  This is the sunset inside the canyon, about 3K feet below the south rim.  It was the 30th anniversary of my 1st trip.
6.  Machu Picchu 11-05   This was taken on the way down from the pass to the east of Machu Picchu.
7.  Mt. Adams  My climbing buddy and I were caught in a late spring storm at about 10K feet and were stuck for about 30 hours in the tent.

Deb and Mike - Margie and Andy


1.  Mike and Debbie - Grand Canyon
2.  Mike and Debbie - Mt McKinley
3.  Mike and Debbie - Sedona, Arizona
4.  Deb in NYC


5.  Margie in NYC
6.  Mike, Deb, Andy and Margie in Greece



1.  Where the Faeries and Leprechauns live
2.  Brazen Head - oldest pub in Ireland
3.  Cliffs of Moher
4.  Dolmen Tombs in the Burren
5.  Galway Bay


6.  Kylemore Abbey
7.  Monroe's Pub in Galway
8.  O'Brien's Pub
9.  Pub in Spiddal
10. Quiet Man Bridge


11.  Replica of White O Morn
12.  Ruins of White O Morn cottage
13.  Small church on Abbey grounds
14.  Thatched roof cottage
15.  Waterfall in Connemara