January 1, 2009


May the New Year bring you health, happiness and prosperity.

The website staff work very hard to produce this website.  We have received many affirmative comments from class members, friends and even strangers who have happened upon our site.

We welcome ideas for web pages from class members and friends.  More that suggestions, we need content!  Please, we know you are busy.  We know it isn't easy digging that box of photographs out of the attic, but please make the effort.

We look forward to presenting some exciting pages in 2009.  If you have ever wanted to try your hand at writing, take inspiration from Jerry Hilgenberg and Fred Lawson.  Both have submitted some wonderful work to entertain us.

The holiday photos are probably still in your digital camera, you probably haven't even downloaded to your computer yet, so after you get up in the morning, while you are enjoying your morning coffee and relaxing, just plug in that USB cable, download some family Christmas photos, and send them off to Jill or the Webmaster.