January 16, 2010

This week we are featuring the "new" hometown of two classmates.  We encourage each of you to look around the city you live in, take some interesting photos and gather some informative facts and submit them to the webmaster.  Share with us what makes your new hometown special.  This is a great way to promote the town in which you live!


Liberty, Indiana

Liberty has the only two Civil War cannons left in this area.

A Welcoming Sign on the Courthouse Lawn

The original train depot holds our historical museum.

A Beautiful Walkway and Great Walking Trails   


      Spectacular Scenery

Sharon:  Brookville reservoir is seventeen miles long.  We have hiked thirteen miles of this area on one side.  Ten on the other.  It is very rugged.

Family Caring and Pride

SharonLiberty is known for the location of the Whitewater State Park that was made in memory of all the World War II veterans.  We hike it several times a week.  I adopted a trail after visiting India and seeing all the trash there.  I thought our country is going to look just like this if I don't help pick up the trash.  So I do.  It was awful the first year.  But now I only get a small bag twice a year.