February 21, 2009

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Roll out the red carpet and join us behind the velvet ropes for the GRAND OPENING of the Towne Square Cinema.

This latest venture by a group of investors interested in community improvement began last fall with the opportunity to buy the nearly completed movie Cinema. It is located in the former Boston Store building.  The Cinema entrance has been remodeled, and a third screen was added to compliment the two that are already operational.  This will allow the Cinema to bring in a new movie every week.

Grand Opening Special:  All movies - All Weekend - $4.00

The Grand Opening weekend schedule: 

Friday evening, February 27th,

q       From 4:00 to 5:30 the Cinema will be open to the public for tours.  The lights will be up and staff will be on hand to answer any questions.  There will be a DVD presentation by the investment group showing the building of the third screen and the history of how the investors came together to work on this project.

q       All three screens will show movies and they will begin at alternate times, about 15 minutes apart around the 6:00 hour.

q       The second showings for the movies should be around the 8:00 hour.

Saturday, February 28

q      From 10:00am until noon, there will be free cartoons, popcorn and gift packs for the kids.  

q       Matinee showings are scheduled around 1:00 and 3:00PM

q       Regular evening shows begin around 6:00PM

q      At 6:00PM the group will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony in front of the Cinema with photographs.

q       Regular evening shows begin at approximately 8PM

q      There will also be a raffle for a TV, iPod, Microwave, Hotel and Spa Package and a Hotel and Golf Package.  All paying guests may fill out an entry form for the drawing.

Sunday, March 1

q       Free cartoons for the kids – 12:00 noon to 2:00PM

q       Regular show times of approximately 3:00PM and 6:00PM

With the newly remodeled entrance, moviegoers will no longer enter the Cinema through the Café.  This will make a more pleasurable experience for the diners.  The Café will be available most of the weekend, except for the afternoon and evening of the 28th

Future improvements to the exterior of the Cinema will include additional remodeling to the front of the building with a new Marquee and vertical sign, a canopy at the entrance to the Cafe, along with planters, tables, and chairs for outdoor dining.  This, along with painting, will begin over the summer when the weather improves.  

The investment group's intention is to provide the community with an entertainment venue, which is reasonably priced, for children and families, plus bring life to the downtown square.  They also hope to lead by example, using this as the first step in revitalizing the downtown area.   Grant money is being pursued to remodel and put new facades on all the buildings in the downtown area.  This is a longer-term project, but definitely a step in the right direction.

The Cinema is one of three major projects undertaken by the investment group in the last couple of years.   The first was the Randolph Inn and Suites hotel, which is up and operational.   http://www.randolphinnandsuites.com/  Second, is the Towne Square Cinema downtown, which is currently offering regular showings.  Third, is a new family style restaurant called the Randolph Grill, which they hope to have open by the first part of May.  The restaurant is something that the community has long needed and the hope is to encourage everyone who currently drives to Muncie, Richmond, or Greenville to remain in town. The facility will have a banquet room for 80 people, patio area for summer entertainment, and a lounge for spirits, as well as the main dining area.

The investors are doing much to make these businesses a reality.  Dave says,  “There is so much opportunity for growth in our old hometown and there are other ideas being discussed.  The community is changing and the idea of Winchester becoming a tourist destination point is no longer just a wild idea, it has become a vision and people are stepping up to help that vision become a reality.  It will take the revitalization of the downtown to make it happen.  We are looking for people who have accumulated knowledge through their working life and would be willing to share it or put it to use helping to revitalize our hometown.   If you have knowledge of business prospects or know of companies that want to expand and need a location, or if you just want to mentor someone who is starting up a small business, we could use your help.  Those of you who have an entrepreneurial spirit, or want to invest in rebuilding the community, or just want to have some fun volunteering and working on projects to help the old town are all welcome! You don't need to live in Winchester to help it succeed, but sharing ideas, knowledge, and maybe some investment funds, can go a long way in helping the vision be met.  I can think of no better partners in this venture than our Class of 1967.”

Any of you who have fond memories of the town where you grew up and want to help this small group bring life back to the community, please contact Terry Hunsucker or Dave Hendrickson.  If you need the number or their email, please contact the Webmaster.

Check back during the coming week for any updates Grand Opening agenda, and periodic updates with pictures, reviews and commentary.