August 9, 2008

A Place In Time

This was much too good to pass up!  Bill Irish sent us this photo of "the bench" which stood for so many years outside "The Little Red Store", and which was remembered so fondly by classmates.  Recently, Bill obtained this bench from his mother's house and intends to restore it.  Please keep us informed of your progress!


Dan  Thornburg submitted this photo of a building located in Winchester.

Can you identify the location?

Is it still standing today?   If so, what type of business is it?

Post your answers on the Forum!

We have had a wonderful response to these photos, and more are coming to us every day.  Please, keep sending them in!  

The August 2, 2008 page with the photo of Winchester Auto Service, subsequently known as Lawson Pontiac Dealership, Meeks Pontiac, and now Grimm Pontiac, was submitted by Fred Lawson.  His uncle, Gene Lawson, was the owner of Lawson Pontiac Dealership.  There is a slightly more current photo of the building added to the page, which can be accessed through the archives.  The building is still standing, and is located on Main Street, at the curve just before Salt Creek and the Fountain Park Cemetery.