August 30, 2008

Copper Creek Canyon Cattle Company LLC


Update:  Randy Hahn advises they sell Angus Beef for $4.50 per pound - best to buy a quarter or half beef!  It's still grillin' weather!  Stop by! 

I recently asked Greg Hahn to provide background on the Copper Creek Canyon Cattle Company after he sent out a flyer for their upcoming historical September 1, 2008 sale. 


I thought everyone would enjoy what Greg, his brother, Randy, their families and teams have done to revitalize and bring back what was once a thriving cattle (and hog) business in the Randolph County/Winchester area.   

I know Don and Wilma are proud that they have restored the farm and the stockyards and made it a viable, growing business – and so are we!   We have also included some photos and history on their home. 

If you live or are visiting the area on September 1, 2008 – please drop by and say hello to Greg, Libby, Randy, Lana, Ken, Don, Wilma and the rest of this great team! - Jill. 

Winchester Stockyards:  We checked with the Randolph County Historical Society and found that the first phone number for the stockyards was listed in 1923 as #105 and the location was listed as Jackson Street and the Big 4 Crossing.

The Hahn Home:  We also received this information from the Historical Society:  Ashael Stone built this house in 1858/1860.  His previous home burned while he was on a trip and Mrs. Stone had to run down to the train depot to get help to save the home and some of their possessions.  When Ashael Stone returned home, he put a “thank you” in the paper to those that helped her.  He remodeled the seed house, where he stored potatoes and seed for his nursery business, to live in until the new house was built.  Monisa Wisener said he lived in this house until the mid to late 1870’s. 

And now, several years into the future:

Greg writes:

Copper Creek Canyon is a name developed by Randy and his significant other, Lana Williams. They have a very upscale western furniture store here in Indy that many of the Colts, Pacers and executives from around the country patronize. They ship items all over the country.  Larry Bird just totally furnished his new ranch in Brown County with furniture and accessories from CCC. So when Randy took our family farm over we decided to utilize the name for the cattle operation because it was already known throughout the country in that market. They have been doing furniture ads and displays at most of the major cattle and horse shows all over the USA for several years.

Randy also decided several years ago to buy the Winchester Stockyards because it was falling down and it was such a historic site next to our farm. In the early 1900’s it played a major role in our local economy as the only outlet for Randolph County’s hog and cattle markets. It was one of the largest stockyards in the eastern Indiana area and the only place that had daily rail service for delivery and pick-up of hogs and cattle. At one time there were two separate rail lines running into the facility. Over the years it played a smaller and smaller role. With the advent of trucking etc. the Winchester Stockyards was finally abandoned and left to deteriorate in the 1970’s.

He has now transformed and rehabilitated the property (as you saw at our reunion) into the headquarters for the Copper Creek Canyon Cattle Company and for Copper Creek Canyon Wine Company, which we also started several years ago. Since our reunion they have done tons more work on the facility. It has gone from being an eyesore in that part of town into totally renewing the area.


The future will include annual cattle auctions (like the one this year) that will bring in hopefully 400-500 folks; many of whom will stay and eat in Winchester over a two day period. Needless to say this has the potential to help Winchester’s economy in many ways. Also, we have been in discussions with CSX about extending the rail spur back into the facility to accommodate more customers; especially from the far west. Over time we hope to bring in many visitors in addition to the annual auctions and to do wine tasting from our vineyard, which is also on the farm. By the way the wine is incredible if I do say so myself. It must be the 150 years of cow manure in the soil. (Seriously) We have worked with Purdue’s Ag Dept. on wine and with a vintner in Indy. Even though the production is too low right now for commercial sales, we are getting there without sacrificing quality.  (Greg says that their Rose produced approximately 20 cases last year.  This year they have two types of Chardonnay (one oaken and the other more fruity).  He also has a very good light red. – Jill)


I hope this information is helpful and thanks for your interest and support as always. I hope a few of our classmates can come by on Labor Day and say Hi and see the action. It will be a great show.

The next to the last page of the Copper Creek Canyon Cattle Company flyer is a moving tribute to Don and Wilma Hahn.

A Special Thanks to Classmate, Fred A. Lawson, for his research into the stockyards and his photographs.

Also, thank you to Monisa Wisener for her historical information about Mr. and Mrs. Hahn's home.

A Labor Day to Remember
By:  Fred A Lawson

What I know about the cattle business you could put in a thimble and still have room for my finger.  What I witnessed at the First Annual Copper Creek Canyon Cattle Company Auction was a culmination of a dream and an abundance of hard work.  Randy Hahn, Ken Starr and their team are to be commended for their efforts at revitalization of the Stockyards and an addition to the Winchester economy.  Well done - everyone!

The red and white tent lent a festive air to the auction as approximately 300 gathered for the day's main event.  Lunch was catered and a few speeches were delivered.

Col. Jerry Lehman was the auctioneer and his rhythmic cadence filled the air.  He was also not without humor when he said "Folks, if you don't think these are some of the finest Black Angus in the country; I suggest you go into the chicken business".

Special thanks to Greg and Randy Hahn and Lana Williams for making my first cattle auction memorable.  I also enjoyed visiting with my friend, Mayor Steve Croyle.

It is time for this reporter to Moooooooooooooooove on.