April 4, 2009

Cross Country, Track and Field

We are aware that Cross County takes place in the fall, however, we decided to combine our sports.  We have only a few well chosen photos and memories, however, we are hoping these may jog memories and inspire others to overcome personal hurdles in order to dash to their computers, open the vault in their minds, take a broad jump of faith and relay their own stories.  (Ok, I'm all out of track references.)

Dan Thornburg

We had a pretty good track team our senior year.  It seems like Jay Hoover won at pole vault most of the time, but I think our running events were the most successful.  I do remember watching our half mile relay team.  Bill Irish ran one leg of the relay.  His legs were so long, he looked like he was moving in slow motion.  Yet, he almost always overcame his opponent.   If I remember correctly, myself and Joe Schubert ran the two mile, Dennis Dwiggins ran the mile.

Can you name all those in this photograph?


Bill Irish

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of my track days but I do have some good memories.  I really enjoyed playing sports in high school even though I was never nearly as good as I wanted to be.  Also, we had a lot of really good athletes in our class so it was tough for a tall skinny awkward guy like me to compete.  Luckily, I did find quite by accident that I had some ability running sprints.

My fondest memory came from the conference track meet our senior year.  In almost every meet during the season Jay Hoover and I finished first and second in the 100 yard dash (Jay finished first and I finished second).  The conference track meet was special because the winner actually won a trophy.  We all like wining trophies but no one liked it any more than Jay.  Much to my surprise I beat Jay that day and I know he was disappointed.  He was also the first one to congratulate me after the race.  I think the trophy is in a box somewhere in the basement but the memory of Jay's sportsmanship is still fresh in my mind.

Now for perhaps my most embarrassing moment.  No, I never took off my sweat suit and realized that I forgot to put my gym trunks on.  During the spring of our senior year I asked Jane Steele out on a date.  Things went well so we had a few more dates.  One afternoon she and a couple of her friends came down to Lynn to watch the track meet.  Also, to my surprise three or four girls that I knew from Union City showed up unexpectedly including one I had dated in the past.  It was a cool spring day so we were keeping our "sweats" on until it was time to run.  After I finished the 220 yard dash, much to my embarrassment, Jane rushed over and wrapped me in a blanket.  You might have thought that I just won the Boston Marathon or swam the English Channel in icy waters.  To make matters worse I glanced over at the Union City chicks and they were all having a nice laugh at my expense.  God bless Jane; I know she meant well.