April 3, 2010

WHERE Y’AT??????

We can only assume that y’all have either gone into the witness protection program, are in hibernation or that we have failed you in some way. 

You don’t write, you don’t post – don’t you love us any more?

We know the Forum is different but we changed to make it more secure and to give us a way to categorize topics – based on a request to make it more like other Forums.. We hoped this would encourage more of you to stay in touch….instead, we can count on one hand the number of people who are regulars at conversation on the Forum.

So…..come on….join in – let me know you are still interested in our website and want it to continue. I also want to hear from you on your new HOMETOWNS….you’ve seen the Home Pages so far, they aren’t a full blown research papers, but give us insight into where you live now and what makes it interesting. It is fun to learn all the places we have moved to and to find that several of us are living close to other classmates.

To encourage you just a bit more – here is a short tutorial! It’s EASY!!!

Now come out of that winter hibernation or the witness protection program long enough to let us know what you’ve been up to! Post on the Forum, send in an idea for the website.

In order to start a new topic on the forum, click on the button marked "New Topic*"  Space will be provided for the name of your new topic, and an area for you to post your message.  You then are given the choice of previewing your post prior to posting, or simply posting your new topic and message. 

In order to post a reply to a post, click on the topic name.

Then click on the button that says "Post Reply"

Type your reply in the box (at arrow, top left).  You can even add emoticons to your post.  Just click on the one you want to add. (at arrow, top right).  Then you can "Save" your post and edit it later, "Preview" your post , run spell check, or edit your post, or, "Submit" your post to the forum.  (at arrow, bottom center).

If all else fails, simply click on "FAQ", which, for anyone who may not already know, means Frequently Asked Questions.  You can generally find out any answer to your question there.  Those questions are there because several people have had the same problem as you at some point and have had to ask for assistance.

We hope this helps you better understand how easy posting to the new forum is.  How much easier it is than the old one, and how much better organized it is than our previous forum.